Questions and Answers.

Welcome to the FAQ page for "Business Hours WP," your go-to resource for answering all your queries about our versatile business hours management software for your WordPress Website.

Whether you're a first-time user or a seasoned pro, this page is designed to provide you with the most comprehensive and insightful answers to common questions, troubleshooting tips, and valuable insights to ensure a seamless experience with our tool.

Licensing and Pricing

Which files are included in the offer?
  • acf-export-business_hours.json
  • acf-options-page.code-snippets.json (for Code Snippet Plugin)
  • acf-options-page.code-snippets.php (for an alternative PHP Code Plugin)
  • business-hours.code-snippets.json (for Code Snippet Plugin)
  • business-hours.code-snippets.php (for an alternative PHP Code Plugin)
How much is Business Hours WP?
Business Hours WP comes with a fix pricing of 35€. There are no monthly or annually fees. Pay only once. Others would say: Lifetime Licence. So feel free to use it as long as you want.
Can i use the functions of Business Hours WP for my clients websites?
Yes, of course! Feel free to use Business Hours WP also for your Client Website.
What is the refund policy for Business Hours WP?
We do not offer refunds as soon as the software is delivered and can be used without limits (directly after purchase). Check out the Website, Descriptions or Contact us if you have specific pre-sale questions.
How often is Business Hours WP updated, and will I need to make manual updates?
Follow us our Facebook Page or sign up to our Newsletter to recieve Informations after a new Update is published. You can also check out the Changelog page to see if there was any Update lately.

Features and Functionality

Are there any specific prerequisites or minimum system requirements for using Business Hours WP?
Yes. You need following software to run it:
  1. WordPress
  2. Advanced Custom Fields Pro
  3. Bricks or Oxygen
  4. Code Snippets Plugin or another PHP Code Plugin
Can i change the language of the Weekdays?

Feel free to open the files and change the Weekdays in your favorite language, before importing it to your Website. Or: you can change the Weekday names in your ACF settings.

In what time frame does the functionality orient itself?
The functionality depends on the set time and time zone in the WordPress settings.
What happens if i do not add a weekday to the Opening Hours list?
If a specific day is not created, it will be treated as if the business was closed on that day.
Can Business Hours WP handle holiday hours or special events that may affect my regular hours of operation?
Yes. This is one of the big powerful features of Business Hours WP. You can easily setup your own exceptions like local holidays etc.!
Is Business Hours WP compatible with all WordPress themes?

No. You need one of the following professional and Developer friendly WordPress builder / theme:

Does it work well together with my Cache plugin?

Caching-wise, it is handled like all dynamic content which is made in Oxygen or Bricks.

Here is a great article about it from WP Rocket: https://wp-rocket.me/wordpress-cache/cache-dynamic-content-wordpress/

To make it work with Cache, there are different options to solve it:

  1. disable the cache for the specific page, where the dynamic content is included
  2. change the cache lifespan so thats its regenerated more often, to make sure the cache is fitting the dynamic content
  3. build up the dynamic content on a seperate page (without any template used). Turn off the Cache for this page. Then implement this page url into your normal page via href="https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_css_responsive_iframes.asp" rel="noopener" target="_blank">iframe code (tutorial)
  4. add some some Ajax load function to load the dynamic content


What kind of support can I expect if I encounter issues with Business Hours WP?
Please check our Get Started Guide, the Documentation and the FAQ page if you are facing problems. If this doesnt help, please contact us. We can not guarantee that we can give support in any possible situations.
Do I have to follow an order when importing the files?
Please follow the steps and upload order from our Get Started Guide.
I already have an ACF Option Page. What will happen if i import the JSON file for the new Options Page?

The ACF field group (acf-export-business_hours.json) is imported with a specific group ID: "key": "group_642fccb1d3a1c"

If it does not exist yet, it will be created; if it does exist, it will be overwritten.

The Page option (acf-options-page.code-snippets.json) is a code snippet. When importing, you have the option of overwriting or creating a new snippet. Choose for yourself. With “new snippet” you can only activate one of these two snippets.

What happens if i do not add a weekday to the Opening Hours list?
If a specific day is not created, it will be treated as if the business was closed on that day.