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Based on your Business Hours!

Leverage the power of Conditions within Oxygen Builder or Bricks Builder to dynamically showcase your website elements tailored to your business hours, holidays, and special events.

For Bricks Builder and Oxygen Builder:
Required: Advanced Custom Fields Pro (ACF Pro)
Business Hours Indicator OpenBusiness Hours Indicator Closedopen indicatorclosed indicator
Business Hours Elements show based on Conditionmarked1marked2

Features of the Business Hours Indicator.

Show Content based on your Business Hours.
Setup your regular Weekdays and your Business Hours. Automatically show some Business Hour Indicator on your Website - just build an Element and use the Business Hour WP Condition to show it based on your Business Hours!
Setup your own exceptions.
Holidays? Maintenance? Seasonal Closures? Renovations? Emergency Repairs? Staff Illness? Natural Disasters? Government Mandates? Inventory Restocking? ... With Business Hours WP, you're well-prepared.
Conditions for any Element you want!
Use the amazing Condition feature inside your favorite Builder and display Elements of your Website based on your Business Opening Hours! Any Element - no matter what.
Setup and Forget.
Set up your weekly schedule just once and configure as many exceptions as you need, spanning across multiple years. Once you've done it, you can simply set it and forget it.
Available for Oxygen Builder and Bricks.

This functionality adds an incredible Condition feature to Oxygen Builder or Bricks Builder, two of the best WordPress site builders on the market.


Here are a few examples demonstrating how you can effectively utilize the plugin for WordPress websites. You'll also get a clear view of the various states: Business Open and Business Closed, along with their corresponding impact on the frontend.

  • Bricks Condition Closed
    1. Build in Bricks Builder: Frontend View of the Website while the Business / Store / Shop is CLOSED.
  • Bricks Condition Open
    2. Build in Bricks Builder: Frontend View of the Website while the Business / Store / Shop is OPEN.
  • Oxygen Condition Closed
    3. Build in Oxygen Builder: Frontend View of the Website while the Business / Store / Shop is CLOSED.
  • Oxygen Condition Open
    4. Build in Oxygen Builder: Frontend View of the Website while the Business / Store / Shop is OPEN.

Why i should use Business Hours WP?

There are numerous scenarios that illustrate why Business Hours WP is an invaluable asset for every business website!

You can show any Website Element based on your Business Hours. Thats a great way to "interact" with your website visitors and gives you plenty of possibilities on how to use this Condition.

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Business Hours: Display when your business is open or closed.
Improved User Experience: Enhances the user experience by providing vital information upfront.
Reduced Customer Frustration: Helps in avoiding customer frustration by indicating your availability.
Increased Efficiency: Reduces unnecessary inquiries during closed hours, allowing your team to focus on important tasks.
Trust and Credibility: Builds trust and credibility with customers who appreciate transparency.
Conversion Rate: Can increase the conversion rate as customers are more likely to engage when they know you're open.
Time Management: Helps customers plan their visits or interactions with your business more effectively.

Easy to Setup.

1. Install the necessary Software

Make sure all needed software is installed. This includes the basic WordPress installation and Advanced Custom Fields Pro (ACF Pro). Also install your favorite WordPress builder: Bricks Builder or Oxygen Builder.

2. Import the Business Hours WP Functionality
Follow our Get Started Guide and Import the files from Business Hours WP in order.
3. Set Up your Business Hours
Go to the settings and add all the days and times, where your business is open. You can also add holidays, etc. to add exceptions when your business is closed.
4. Add Conditions to your Elements
Open your WordPress builder and design the elements you wish to display conditionally according to your business hours. Next, set the conditions for these elements.



Our Customers ❤️ our Product. Lets see what they say ...

Sebastian Berger
Amazing Time-Saver!
Business Hours WP is a very niche but at the same time very interesting solution for user-oriented content control. As an Oxygen and Bricks agency in the B2B sector, we have many agencies and self-employed people who naturally also work with Call or opening times. A corresponding set of conditions helps me to provide user-oriented content that supports the customer instead of hindering them. A classic example for me are service processes. A telephone number is simply hidden outside of business hours and a form is made visible instead. This way, the visitor directly gets what works and doesn't have to make decisions first. Business Hours WP saves me from lengthy custom coding and provides a ready-made solution! I'm excited to see how it develops further!
Sebastian Berger
one2mrktng GmbH
One-Time Payment

Business Hours WP:

Show Content Based on your Business Hours!

Use this Function with your favorite Builder:
Use the Functionality on your own Websites. No limitations.
Use the Functionality on all of your Client Websites.
Easy to Setup. Easy to Use.
One-Time Payment. No extra Fees or Subscriptions.
Included Files:
  • acf-export-business_hours.json
  • acf-options-page.code-snippets.json (for Code Snippet Plugin)
  • acf-options-page.code-snippets.php (for an alternative PHP Code Plugin)
  • business-hours.code-snippets.json (for Code Snippet Plugin)
  • business-hours.code-snippets.php (for an alternative PHP Code Plugin)

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